Wine is to men like water to plants. In the right doses, it makes them stand up straight.


Marche Trebbiano IGT

  • Table wine made according to rural tradition, supple, fresh and with a delicate fruity aroma. Excellent with traditional cuisine, lavish with everyday choices.

    GRAPES: 100%Trebbiano

    11.5% ABV / Serve at 12 °

    Color: Straw yellow with greenish hues
    Nose: subtle, fresh and fruity with hints of herbs
    Taste: fresh, mineral, smooth, with strong marine notes and a great mouthfeel
    Best with: starters and light first courses
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Falerio DOC

  • Soft-flavored wine, slightly dry at first taste. Its challenging acidity is deftly balanced by the alcohol content. Its well-balanced bittersweet taste makes it for an interesting aperitif. Stuffed olives -olive all’ascolana- are classic entrées.

    GRAPES: 50%Trebbiano, 30% Pecorino, 20%Passerina

    12.5% ABV / Serve at 12 °

    Color: straw yellow with greenish hues
    Nose: fragrant, floral, with fruity hints
    Taste: fresh, intense and persistent with a bitter aftertaste
    Best with: semi-sweet sauces and seafood dishes
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Falerio Pecorino DOC Destriero

  • One of our bestsellers, it’s an elegant wine, bright yellow in color, that features deep intense aromas of lime and apples. Robust, complex, savory with a distinctive bittersweet finish.

    GRAPES: 100% Pecorino

    13% ABV / Serve at 12 °

    Color: bright straw yellow
    Nose: hints of flowers and ripe fruit, mainly lime and apple
    Taste:  good acidity and alcohol content, full taste with light aromatic and spicy flavours, bitter aftertaste
    Best with: Seafood
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Offida DOCG Pecorino Montemisio

  • Easily recognizable wine with a strong personality. It features complex aromas with hints of white and yellow fruit, a great aftertaste, a solid body with the right contrast between the heat it generates and the acidity typical of the Pecorino variety.

    GRAPES: 100% Pecorino

    13.5% ABV. Serve at 14 °

    Color: bright straw yellow
    Nose: intense aromas of flowers and ripe fruit
    Taste: fleshy, it shows a slight aromatic note, with right acidity and alcohol content
    Best with: Seafood and white-meatbased first courses. A perfect all around wine.
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Passerina IGT

  • This white wine is distilled from grapes grown in vineyards on the lower slopes of the mountains. Fermented in stainless steel vats and then refined on lies, this wine is redolent with unique floral flavours. Additionally, it possesses an aromatic complexity, good allroundness, density and persistence.

    GRAPES: 100% Passerina

    12% ABV. Serve at 12°

    Color: intense straw yellow
    Nose: full and complex with floral notes
    Taste: intense, persistent with notes of ripe fruit
    Best with: seafood
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Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi DOC classico superiore

  • Straw yellow with green hues, the nose is fruity with hints of yellow peaches, chamomile and broom. Warm, fairly soft and fresh, savory and full-bodied.

    GRAPES: 100% Verdicchio

    13% ABV. Serve at 12 °

    Color: Straw yellow with greenish hues
    Nose: fruity with hints of yellow peaches, chamomile and broom
    Taste: fresh, intense and persistent
    Best with: starters and light main courses, seafood
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Marche bianco IGT Gramelot

  • Fine and elegant white wine. Aging in oak barrels emphasizes its subtle yet persistent aromas. Intense, slightly dry, with strong notes of ripe fruit and almond flower, it combines well with both traditional and creative dishes. Excellent with Mediterranean cuisine, it goes well with cheese, salami and generally complex dishes.

    GRAPES: 40%Trebbiano, 20%Pecorino, 20%Passerina, 20%Verdicchio

    13% ABV. Serve at 12 °

    Color: greenish yellow
    Nose: intense with hints of ripe fruit and dried grapes
    Taste: soft, with pleasant sensations of tropical fruits, canned peach and pineapple
    Best with: cheese, salami and complex dishes.
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