Cantine di Castignano

Cantine di Castignano represents a popular choice, creativity and hard work – core values of the Piceno area, still redolent with cultural influences and regional tradition.

Strong tones and subtle nuances embellish the fruits that the Earth yields up, enhanced by the fresh and salty wind from the Adriatic.

Our winery features sophisticated grape varieties, some of them produced locally; these are at the heart of Castignano's winemaking tradition. Producing quality local wines is a matter of regional identity.



Situated in the historical and characteristic village from which it takes the name, the farm Cantine di Castignano has been operating since 1960 to offer products of high quality.

First cooperative wine cellar in the Piceno territory, it is currently one of the greatest of the Marche Region, and it has around 500 hectares of vineyards and many partners.

The name, the tradition and the people indissolubly tie it to the territory of Castignano, where the vineyards and the grapes grow thanks to the care and the passion of the partners, in an absolutely unique terroir surrounded by the Sibylline Mountains in the West and by the Adriatic Sea in the East.

To underline the link with the territory contribute also some labels that evoke the Order of the Knights Templar, monks fighters and farmers, that deeply influenced the culture and the local economy, with their passage in the country during the pilgrimage from Rome to Jerusalem in the XII Century.

For more than 50 years, the farm proposes itself as a point of reference of the wine-growings of the Piceno, boasting a totally own production both for still wines and for sparkling wines, and of the olive-growings, producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil of great quality in its farm oil mill.